Our Purpose

Founded in 2013,  Ojo’s is a 1966 Avion travel trailer transformed into a 25 foot stainless steel kitchen.  It’s exterior slowly turned pink and blue with chalk, and a giant label was carefully plastered onto it’s side; “Ojo”.

Since the beginning of Ojo’s journey three years ago, the company has set out on it’s mission promoting the consumption of handmade, organic, and locally-grown foods. With all the hydrogenated-this and butylated-that it’s hard to know what chemicals you are really putting into your body. That’s why Ojo keeps it simple .

In a world where the food we are eating is slowly becomes harder and harder to pronounce, a silver bullet hero emerges. One that promises quality, fresh foods. Ojo’s. Eat Local.

Follow along with our blog as we take a journey into the world of local food.